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Sunset Shimmer Prank Academy Arc Prolouge 3 by Animekid0839
Sunset Shimmer Prank Academy Arc Prolouge 3
(Marilyn Drops Sunset Shimmer)

Sunset Shimmer: Owww!

Marilyn: Now what you got to say about that, tough girl!?

Sunset Shimmer: (sobbing) I-I'm sorry! I'm so Sorry! Just, No more! Please!

Marilyn: And?

Sunset Shimmer: (Still Sobbing) You can can do whatever you want. You deserve the best, and I won't stop you. Please, just, please no more spanking!

Marilyn: Thanks Bacon Hair.

(Marilyn Starts walking away but then stops and turns to Sunset Shimmer)

Marilyn: Oh, and next time I see you, you better give me more respect or else I give you more than just a spanking! Now I'm gonna get lunch, gotta keep up my Me-ta-bo-lism!

(Marilyn Walks away)

Sunset Shimmer: Oww. My Butt.

(Kam-Kam walks up to Sunset Shimmer)

Kam-Kam: Are you ok?

Sunset Shimmer: (Sobs) I-I'll be fine Kam-Kam

Kam-Kam: Sunset Shimmer, Why didn't you fight back? Why didn't you stop her?

Sunset Shimmer: Kam-Kam I don't want to fight.

Kam-Kam: What?

Sunset Shimmer: Back in Canterlot High, I use to be just like her, A power hungry bully who had no respect for others. But now I've changed. I've seen friendship for what it really is.

Kam-Kam: So?

Sunset Shimmer: So I don't want to go back to being a bully like her, I thought that if I used friendship and reasoning I could get her to leave us alone!

Kam-Kam: Sunset Shimmer, Kam-Kam knows what you've gone through and Kam-Kam understands how you felt back in Canterlot High, but this is Grounsdale, and most people in Grounsdale don't always take friendship for and answer.

Sunset Shimmer: But what else could I do?

Kam-Kam: Isn't it obvious? You have to stand up for yourself and show those bullies who's boss!

Sunset Shimmer: No Kam-Kam, I can't do that.

Kam-Kam: Sunset Shimmer, not doing anything won't solve anything. You can't just take all this disrespect, you've got to fight the power!

Sunset Shimmer: Even if I wanted to, how can i do that? You've seen Marilyn, she's bigger than me, she' so strong, and she won't listen to a word i say, just ask my butt.

Kam-Kam: Well, you've also seen Kam-Kam. Throughout Kam-Kam's life, Kam-Kam has always found action to speak louder than words. Thats why Kam-Kam is always successful when it comes to pranks. I think you can be too.

Sunset Shimmer: I-Is that what i'm supposed to do? Prank Marilyn?

Kam-Kam: Yeah! Thats It! But not just her, you could prank the people and Only the people who decide to bully you.

Sunset Shimmer: You're right Kam-Kam. It may not be my style anymore, but it's the only way! I can't just take this bullying and disrespect, because thats just what Marilyn wants! If I just let her pick on me without fighting back, it's like I've given up.

Kam-Kam: Thats right! now you've got it!

Sunset Shimmer: Kam-Kam, I've made up my mind! I wan to be a prankster like you, ad pay Marilyn back for thinking she can treat me like this!

Kam-Kam: That a girl! Kam-Kam knows just what you need. A month at Kam-Kam's Prankster Academy!

Sunset Shimmer: Prankster Academy!

Kam-Kam: Thats right! At the academy, I'll teach you to Water balloon your enemies, Purple Nurple through the obstacles ahead, and wedgie your way to success!

Sunset Shimmer: Are you really sure I can do it?

Kam-Kam: Sunset Shimmer, You are the smartest, most action-packed girl I know. If anyone can learn to be a master prankster in a month, it's you! Now what do you say!

Sunset Shimmer: I say...

(both hug)

Sunset Shimmer: let's get started!

(To Be Continued)

Kam-Kam belongs to Animekid0839
Bad Day For Sunshine by Animekid0839
Bad Day For Sunshine
Today did not go so well for poor Sunshine when she was just walking through the Jungle she trip on a small piece of rock falling flat on her face feeling daze as of what just happen.

Sunshine belongs to Animekid0839
Wahoo! Mario The Winner! by Animekid0839
Wahoo! Mario The Winner!
Even in a game of Super Smash Bros, Bowser STILL could not beat Mario! :XD:
Zzzzzzz by Animekid0839
Here's me dozing off at my desk even though I should be drawing but a guy needs a break sometime you know.
Mod Racer Kam-Kam by Animekid0839
Mod Racer Kam-Kam
Kam-Kam in Modnation Racers along with his vehicle the Banana Blitz Cruiser.

Kam-Kam belongs to Animekid0839


Beware The Tiger
United States
This is Animekid0839. I'm a guy who likes to draw Anime characters and other things. this here is my character Kam-Kam, a selfish and rotten kid with a bad behavior who can sometimes give into some serious trouble such as starting a fight or play naughty pranks on other people just for fun. that's it for now.

Beware the Tiger!

Favourite genre of music: Hip Hop and Rock
Favourite cartoon character: El Tigre, Black Cuervo, Mr. Freeze, Jet The Hawk, Cell, Gohan, Gotenks, Mega Man, Powerpuff Girls
While surfing the web on my laptop. I was excited to see some good things happening for Super Smash Bros. first off, on April 15 Nintendo will be releasing 8 new outfits for Mii Fighters at a price for $0.75 for Wii U and 3DS of each outfit you purchase or you can buy them all for $6.00 as a bundle pack. these are the following outfit for Mii Fighters.

DLC outfit
*Super Smash Bros T-Shirt (Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner)
*Link's outfit & Hat (Swordfighter)
*Majora's Mask Headgear (Swordfighter)
*Mega Man X's Armor & Helmet (Gunner)
*Protoman's Armor & Helmet (Gunner)
*Duban's oufit & Wig (Swordfighter)
*Cat Hat & Suit (Brawler)
*Monkey Hat & Suit (Swordfighter)

Which outfit will you be purchasing? that's okay take your time.

Last but not least. new fighters Mewtwo and Lucas who will be making their way in the smash bros arena. however Mewtwo will be available first on April 28 while Lucas will be available soon in June. I tell you it's nice to see my favorite psychic pokemon being added in the game as a DLC even though his last appearance was in Super Smash Bros Melee and now since he's back I'm looking forward to playing as him.

So fellas, are you exciting for the DLC to be arriving in Super Smash Bros? I sure am.

Have a fantastic day! A.K out! :)

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