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Oh No She Didn't! by Animekid0839
Oh No She Didn't!
Here's Shiva being naughty by taking off her cape and taunting you. are you gonna take that from her?

Shiva belongs to Animekid0839
Look Out! It's Golden Freddy! by Animekid0839
Look Out! It's Golden Freddy!
For :iconbirdtendo:

Bridget, Sunshine and Birdtendo are inside Fazbear's restaurant but then ran into Golden Freddy who is moving and growling like crazy causing Bridget and Sunshine to jump in fear. Birdtendo went behind and saw a switch on the bear and told them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Bridget and Sunshine belongs to Animekid0839

Birdtendo belongs to :iconbirdtendo:
Hanging Out by Animekid0839
Hanging Out
For :iconhershey990:

What could Moon Bat and the Bat-Lings be doing on a night out is by having a refreshment of blood from a vending machine while they chat, laugh, relax and have fun.

Moon Bat belongs to Animekid0839

The Bat-Lings belongs to :iconhershey990:
What?! No Way! by Animekid0839
What?! No Way!
Here's myself playing the most classic game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project. I like playing as Michelangelo cause I like swinging that nunchuk around like crazy at the enemies and kangaroo kicking them out of the way. the only thing I don't get is how could Michelangelo lift up an enemy off their feet with a nunchuk. I can understand playing as Donatello with that attack but with Michelangelo is unrealistic but hey it's a video game what do you expect.
My Custom N3DS Faceplates by Animekid0839
My Custom N3DS Faceplates
An image that I made starring my OC's with their own N3DS faceplate design. 

#1. Kam-Kam's Tiger Stripe Faceplate
#2. C.H's Tool Faceplate
#3. Bridget's Love Faceplate
#4. Sunshine's First Aid Faceplate
#5. Bandit Bros Wanted Faceplate
#6. Shiva's World Domination Faceplate

All characters belongs to Animekid0839


Beware The Tiger
United States
This is Animekid0839. I'm a guy who likes to draw Anime characters and other things. this here is my character Kam-Kam, a selfish and lazy rotten kid with a bad behavior who can sometimes give into some serious trouble such as starting a fight or play naughty pranks on other people just for fun. that's it for now.

Beware the Tiger!

Favourite genre of music: Hip Hop and Rock
Favourite cartoon character: El Tigre, Black Cuervo, Mr. Freeze, Jet The Hawk, Cell, Gohan, Gotenks, Mega Man, Powerpuff Girls
While surfing the web on my laptop. I was excited to see some good things happening for Super Smash Bros. first off, on April 15 Nintendo will be releasing 8 new outfits for Mii Fighters at a price for $0.75 for Wii U and 3DS of each outfit you purchase or you can buy them all for $6.00 as a bundle pack. these are the following outfit for Mii Fighters.

DLC outfit
*Super Smash Bros T-Shirt (Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner)
*Link's outfit & Hat (Swordfighter)
*Majora's Mask Headgear (Swordfighter)
*Mega Man X's Armor & Helmet (Gunner)
*Protoman's Armor & Helmet (Gunner)
*Duban's oufit & Wig (Swordfighter)
*Cat Hat & Suit (Brawler)
*Monkey Hat & Suit (Swordfighter)

Which outfit will you be purchasing? that's okay take your time.

Last but not least. new fighters Mewtwo and Lucas who will be making their way in the smash bros arena. however Mewtwo will be available first on April 28 while Lucas will be available soon in June. I tell you it's nice to see my favorite psychic pokemon being added in the game as a DLC even though his last appearance was in Super Smash Bros Melee and now since he's back I'm looking forward to playing as him.

So fellas, are you exciting for the DLC to be arriving in Super Smash Bros? I sure am.

Have a fantastic day! A.K out! :)

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