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Yeah! Direct Hit! by Animekid0839
Yeah! Direct Hit!
Bridget was out in the flower field picking out flowers until Kam-Kam hit her with a crackling ball out of nowhere. kids, do not try this at home!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Kam-Kam and Bridget belongs to Animekid0839
Summer Cruise by Animekid0839
Summer Cruise
For :iconmylesterlucky7: :iconsithvampiremaster27: and :iconremcmaximus:

All aboard on the luxury boat with Myles and all his friends where they celebrate the best summer ever.

Animekid0839 (c)
Myles :iconmylesterlucky7:
Shannon :iconsithvampiremaster27:
Remy :iconremcmaximus:
Sunset Shimmer Prank Academy Arc Prologue by Animekid0839
Sunset Shimmer Prank Academy Arc Prologue
Monday, 6:45 AM.

(Kam-Kam and Sunset Shimmer are on their way to school)

Kam-Kam: Thanks for helping me out on my science homework Sunset Shimmer, Kam-Kam's head still hurts.

(Sunset Smiles)

Sunset Shimmer: I'm glad I could help, it was actually pretty easy

Kam-Kam: Are you sure you don't mind helping me with the answers? Kam-Kam doesn't want to pester you with these favors

Sunset Shimmer: Aww, don't worry about it Kammy, We're pracitcally best friends now. it doesn't bother me at all.

Kam-Kam: You know, Kam-Kam doesn't like that nickname, but Thanks.

Sunset Shimmer: No problem.

(Sunset then bumps into someone, Then Kam-Kam bumps into Sunset)

Sunset Shimmer and Kam-Kam: Oww!

Kam-Kam: What was that?

Sunset Shimmer: Umm, Excuse me.

(Marilyn Turns to Sunset and Both of them stare in astonishment)

Marilyn: Whats the Matta', 'ain't you never seen a beautiful lady before?

Sunset Shimmer: Actually, You probably didn't see us, and we bumped into you. Sorry.

Marilyn: You say you Sorry!? Sorry ain't gonna cut it. Now you gonna feel my fists!

Sunset Shimmer: What?! No, no, no. I said I was sorry to you, This isn't how it works. Why can't we just forget about this whole thing and move on?

(Marilyn grabs Sunsets backpack)

Sunset Shimmer: Hey!

Marilyn: and since you gave me lip, I'm gonna take this too.

Kam-Kam: Hey listen Lady, You can't do That to Sunset Shimmer. Kam-Kam's gonna ask you to leave now.

Marilyn: You are gonna ask me to leave?

Kam-Kam: Thats right! Kam-Kam's gonna ask...

(Marilyn interrupts)

Marilyn: OH! so now you givin' me lip too, gumdrop? If I had wanted lip, I would've gone to see that Saucy boy on Belno Drive. now, do either of you two munchkin's have any more lip you wanna give me?

Kam-Kam: You watch what you say miss... uh... miss...

Marilyn: Marilyn

Kam-Kam: Marilyn, you'd better watch out. Sunset Shimmer isn't afraid of you. Shes one of the toughest girls I know! Sunset Shimmer, Show her.

Sunset Shimmer: Uh... Kam-Kam?

Marilyn: Oh, really? show me what ya' got princess!

To be continued...

Kam-Kam belongs to Animekid0839
Summer 2015 by Animekid0839
Summer 2015

Are you fellas looking for some more summer fun? then get on your summer attires and join Kam-Kam and the others who were just chillin out in the ocean. so come on in, the waters fine. well, sort of.



 All characters belongs to Animekid0839

This is Life! by Animekid0839
This is Life!
For :iconthegr8estone:

It's a very hot day in the summer where Slam is relaxing with an ice and cold bottle of soda along with her slave Lucas who is feeling hot and exhausted trying to cool her off. however, Slam have told Lucas that if he do a really good job then she will give him a drink for a reward.

Slam and Lucas belongs to :iconthegr8estone:


Beware The Tiger
United States
This is Animekid0839. I'm a guy who likes to draw Anime characters and other things. this here is my character Kam-Kam, a selfish and rotten kid with a bad behavior who can sometimes give into some serious trouble such as starting a fight or play naughty pranks on other people just for fun. that's it for now.

Beware the Tiger!

Favourite genre of music: Hip Hop and Rock
Favourite cartoon character: El Tigre, Black Cuervo, Mr. Freeze, Jet The Hawk, Cell, Gohan, Gotenks, Mega Man, Powerpuff Girls
While surfing the web on my laptop. I was excited to see some good things happening for Super Smash Bros. first off, on April 15 Nintendo will be releasing 8 new outfits for Mii Fighters at a price for $0.75 for Wii U and 3DS of each outfit you purchase or you can buy them all for $6.00 as a bundle pack. these are the following outfit for Mii Fighters.

DLC outfit
*Super Smash Bros T-Shirt (Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner)
*Link's outfit & Hat (Swordfighter)
*Majora's Mask Headgear (Swordfighter)
*Mega Man X's Armor & Helmet (Gunner)
*Protoman's Armor & Helmet (Gunner)
*Duban's oufit & Wig (Swordfighter)
*Cat Hat & Suit (Brawler)
*Monkey Hat & Suit (Swordfighter)

Which outfit will you be purchasing? that's okay take your time.

Last but not least. new fighters Mewtwo and Lucas who will be making their way in the smash bros arena. however Mewtwo will be available first on April 28 while Lucas will be available soon in June. I tell you it's nice to see my favorite psychic pokemon being added in the game as a DLC even though his last appearance was in Super Smash Bros Melee and now since he's back I'm looking forward to playing as him.

So fellas, are you exciting for the DLC to be arriving in Super Smash Bros? I sure am.

Have a fantastic day! A.K out! :)

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